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A Wee Bit About Me

Who I Am

Marie FIetcher Pridgen was born and raised in a small town in Roscrea Co Tipperary Ireland. “We even have our own castle and round tower,” said Pridgen. Pridgen, being the youngest of six children, had a wild imagination fueled by her mother. Pridgen’s family believed in the wee folk (aka fairies), which was a major part of her childhood. Her grandmother passed before Pridgen was born, so she never had the pleasure of meeting her. According to Pridgen’s mother, her grandmother was a fantastic story teller, especially when it came to fairies as they were, too, her love and her passion. Pridgen has acquired her love and passion for fairies as well as storytelling. “My mother shared my grandmother's stories of her encounters with fairies, which inflamed my love of them,” she said. “Growing up, my Uncle Tom would take my sister and I on his bicycle to a magical place called Golden Grove, where we would search for fairies and dance around the fairy rings. We would hear them whisper to us and we would delight in the fact that they wanted us to share in the magic. The fairies would bring me such much joy as I was growing up learning about them and wanting to go to where they lived in the Land Of Tir Na Nog (land of youth and where fairies lived.) Pridgen created Morag and writes about the Land of Tir Na Nog to bring that magic to every child, especially sick children. “It is my wish that children will transport themselves from all of their sickness and go where no ones dies and everyone lives for ever,” she said. “And even adults needs magic and they will discover it too in Tir Na Nog.” “Magic is all around us, we just have to look and you will find it,” she said.

Bio: About Me
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